Saturday, January 29, 2011

Klang port Pulau indah birdcall test

Last week, a friend call me and ask whether I want to help him convert his own shoplot into swiftlethouse. I say if you really want to, I am ok. So , he invite me to take a look on the place first. after long hour of driving finally we arrive at the klang west port pulau indah. Oh my god, the first impression was the place are really run down and almost like a rubbish park. But still, there s wild foreigner staying in this wasted shop lot, full of rubbish and smell so awful until you dont want to stay for another minute. but no matter what I still carefully check the place and surrounding hopefully still potentially inhabits swiftlet.


  I notice there already been few birdhouse playing crazy loud sound. During my test call at 3pm, only 1 bird fly over. Maybe still early, so we drove to klang town to have some meal first. Of cause Klang town are crazy full of birdhouse. After back to the same location at 6pm, I test again the sound and about 10 bird fly around. Total disappoint so I count how many bird entering these birdhouse after 7pm and there s none entering the crazy loud play sound one. Another one with extend Monyet are having 50 birds but the structure are very silly.  The entrance hole are directly near to the roof and this is no good practice cause all those owe and rate are more easily enter the birdhouse. And why those barbed wire need to put on the speaker? maybe this area those foreigner like to steal speaker, only my wild guess. Haha!

Some say this island are best for swiftlet farming as there s surrounding swampy mangrove where abundance of food available for the swiftlet. A larger island of swampy mangrove are locate further front shore after the port (pulau klang).  Some future project of pulau indah are like cruise terminal and such  D tiara water front resort.

Some even say this area are territory to india gangster, where they are ready to collect security fees. of cause this are just rumours

But during the bird call test, few india guy walk toward our car and really want to do something to us but luckily nothing happen. But still there s more then 0ver 10 of them keep watching us. After the bird count, I say we quickly cabut.

 I really dont like this place that much furthermore the
testcall are really a failed. Security is another big problem as this place are really like foreigner kingdom.(bangladesh, india) not to mention about over 10 wild dog running around. Our sound system can be their first target.

All the noise can be another problem, those lorry, port, cargo ship and pollution worry me, although people never care about these things.

But, if the owner decide to go, I will fulfill his wishes.

On the way back we drop by seremban enter labu from the highway until reach the first shoplot turn right. We have a wonderfull crabs meal, I can say these crabs are the best in whole malaysia that I ever tasted before. (seremban 烧蟹). For your info. the restorant are infront of the very famouse pup center in seremban.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

what type of tweeter should use for playing swiftlet sound

Some one call me few days ago asking what type of tweeter should be use in swiftlet farming. I told him I cant give him a direct answer because different people have different opinion and favour of brand and design. I not dare to claim which good which bad but I can give you some guide where most people will follow.

Never use cheapest one, think of the long working hour of the tweeter none stop from days to night, month to years, there can be big problem if some of the tweeter spoiled and causing the whole sound system break down.

By analyze the sound characteristic of the tweeter and choosing the right one for the right sound are very important. Adult bird sound are more wider compare baby sound. For external entrance hole speaker, you better use those highest quality you can get like motorola brand.

He ask me how to analyze the tweeter? I told him to bring down the tweeter and I will analyze for you. He strait away drive to my place and I analyze for him later we go for coffee at oldtown cafe, before he left he was so happy and thankful with the knowledge and cant wait for next time coffee again.(I think he will bring more speaker to test later on)

check out the analyze result and tell me how you on the picture for large image. green line are actual adult bird sound effective from 1.5k to 8k. blue color graph are the tweeter performance. Some people told me not to use those tweeter with extra highs frequency as it can draw unwanted bats because bats communicate in the higher frequency range. Remember few months ago visiting a bh near pontian, the owner ask me why bats start staying in his bh half year ago and he have no way to get the bats out( he sound so sad). I ask him what you did half year ago inside bh, did you change the sound or the speaker, then he suddenly realize -oh ya, the bats start came after I add those new speaker (he said), after I explain to him and he start to remove all those add speaker, actually he does not fully understand or believe what I told him .even using unsuitable sound can draw bats. After 10 days later he call me up and good news are all those bats are gone, Thanks!

This is the tweeter of analyze arrow brand pct-9000 made in indonesia.(according to the owner, but I think all made in china)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Torch light use for swiftlet house swiftletfarming

With build in li-ion battery, you will always have a full performance torch ready to be use inside birdhouse. Saving a lot of money in buying battery . Rm 55
Head flash light, using luxeon led, very bright and magnifican zoomable from wide to sharp, focus can be very far. very efficient using 3 AAA battery. Got 3 mode function, high power, normal mode and signal flash. Great for working inside bird house.Can see clearer near or far. Rm35

Lampu suluh kepala yang boleh focus kecerahannya, jaul dan dekat tak ada masalah. berkuasa dengan 3 AAA battery. Sesuai digunakan dalam rumah burun walet.Mempuyai 3 mode fungsi, Kuasa tinggi, kuasa biasa dan signal kelipan. Rm35

戴头式照明器, 可调远近都看的清楚. 可调超高明亮, 普通亮 与 闪耀信号. 使用 3 AAA 电池操作. Rm35

 Ultra  Fire torch light work same as head light but with higher power, bigger capacity battery. the light beam can shoot very far 100meter more. More wide light, battery rechargable.. RM70
Ultra fire lampu sulu lagi berpower tinggi, lagi cerah dan jauh 100 meter lampunya.battery boleh diulangi charge. Rm70

更强更亮更远照明的手点筒, 电池可反复充电使用. RM70

Saturday, January 15, 2011

EL-USB-2 Temperature + Humidity usb logger

A must tool for all swiftlet farmer. Log temperature and humidity and due point inside bird house are very important. According to experimental document temperature of 26c to 30c, Rh around +-90% are most suitable. Please contact us for info of the product, how to use and lates price.  Rm340

Satu-satunya peralatan yang tak boleh kekurangan. Suhu and tahab kebasahan amatlah penting kepada rumah burung walet. Mengikut experimental document 26c - 30c, Rh +-90% dikira bersesuaian. Sila hubungi kita sekiranya ada sebarang persoalan , harga terkini mengenai produk ini.  Rm340

养燕不能缺少的仪器, 温度和湿度控制对燕屋非常重要. 实验显示说明 26c - 30c, Rh +-90% 最为适合. 请与我们联络关于产品详情与最新价钱,  Rm340