Friday, February 4, 2011

Visiting Permas Bird House

Few days ago, received a call asking " Hi, are you free, can you come over to my bird house." I ask him why, is there anything I can do to help! I would love to visit your bird house. So I went over. This bird house got alot problem from what I observed. The wall are directly facing sun light, no isolation of any kind, you can feel heat if you place your hand on the wall. The sound system are weird and not functioning well. according to owner, sometime does not produce sound but he tend to do nothing to it since the system still working but the sound are not even, some loud and some like almost no sound on the internal speaker. I also spot an area of which the whole wood plank are attack by white ant. I told him ; " your bird house are really sick" I explain to him all the problem and symptom sickness. he is not happy with the word and reply " I will sale away if the situation go worse". I didnt say much more and atleast I can do one test for him that is the temperature and humidity log of the day. the result came out thats the condition of temp and humid are still not bad at all but still this is end of the year-rainy season. What happen in the hot-dry season, july.

I told the owner the reading of temp and humid barely pass the minimal requirement 28.5C to 29.5C. humid are 80% to 85% , and if he still doing nothing to improve the situation, by the upcoming of hot season. your bird will run away and go to other comfort house. he say no problem, the temperature can be control by running those copping humidifier. I told him that by reading on the temperature logger, even you run the humidifier for whole day, it wont do any good because the temperature does not drop a bit by the time you run the humidifier.( see the graph). Last thing I ask the owner, if there are 2 shopping center, 1 with cooler aircond and another one with no aircond, which one will you go?

I notice this bird house in the same area. the entrance hole are super large and got plant next to the entrance, very rare. Do you think is there a need of open the entrance hole until this large? I think all the predator and burglars will love it.Haha!
During the way back I pass over a place with great sunset, I must take a photo, so here are the shot. Enjoy!