Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Some interesting bird house in indonesia

During my trip this month to indonesia helping few indonesian friend revamp their Sick bird house. I took some photo of the intereting BH near the location. You can see they have so many design and patern.

 Look closer you will notice this owner move the entrance hole from top to down roof level. This owner have doubt of building a monkey house. Do you think monkey house are must , why small number of people prefer no monkey house, what are the pros and cons !!, we will talk about this in future.

 This BH really huge, with only one entrance, imagine if this BH really success.
 99% of indonesia BH they really dont know what they are doing, I found that they only follow other, but  most of them have at least few hundred nest even you do it wrong cause the number of bird there are huge and the food available also adequate for the bird to populate.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Harvesting bird nest

At least of 1 kg harvest in this trip, a friend who invite me to witness the result after I help him to revamp his bird house. I also help him with the sound type and sound setting half year back and now he's so happy.

check that the bird nest are quite standard-no crack no dry and no yellowish, after I help him with the temperature and humid control.

Pekan Nenas Bird house check

Few months back, the owner of this bird house invite me to check what happen with his BH which locate at Pekan Nenas. Why after all this time, zero bird nest.
Above are just a photo of the BH near location on the way. By looking at those BH, you can learn few good thing that you may not notice from day life. One of those BH are well success and thats why other follow and build side by side hoping to lure the old BH young bird. Always if possible, building front or side of success old bird house are good choice of location.
  All have slide roof about 25 degree at the monkey house. Slide rood have good advantage of swiftletfarming but most people only building the roof horizontal level at the monkey house.
  By looking at the color of the building and the barb wire place at center of the 3 BH, I guest center are old BH, the next door are follower and building side by side may not be a good decision as eventhough the hole are pretty near but the flying pattern are totally different. The corner lot will have better success rate of sharing old BH bird depending also by the structure of internal BH.

 By looking at the pulling speaker, it seem like no cover of the speaker wire which expose to sun and rain, may cause connection failure and cost of maintenance after some time.
 This are really quite big size and they got 2 of them side by side.

 Check out the tweeter, the tweeter are originally square, they took out the front part and use the rear only.

 Can you see whats wrong with the entrance hole? We will talk about this entrance hole thing why and where it should be best put on, why left or right, why not center. will talk about this topic in future.
 Remember always not to have single object such as this pole on the middle of the main room.
 This is new, a steel frame on the ground which they make a hole on the ground first, wonder how its works. or just that to prevent from fall to the hole.??

 Big ventilate pipe on the entrance wall are not a goo idea. And this are totally useless. Notice they also build a 3 feet wall on the ground near stair way. Also this is not correct.
At the end, I already point out all the sickness and problem they face with this BH and no wonder its zero result. Double wall facing sun rise and sun set, even though the BH are full of ventilation hole but still no use as the heat energy are too absorb and when I enter the BH, I can feel atleast of 35 to 38c hot.
Hopefully the owner will decide to revamp and take away all the sickness of the BH and may upcoming breading season will have full house harvest.