Wednesday, March 16, 2011

swiftlet farming starter guide

Swiftlet farming starter guide.
I came up with a easy guide here because last week some one(Mr Tan) from Senai asking me to visit his newly build birdhouse and after setting up the sound system and he really dont know what to do following. He told me he was so eager and rushing to build him a dream bird house after attempt of few seminar. Can you give me some guide? I really dont know what to do beside waiting.

Easy Starter Guide 
  1. getting swiftlet to come to your bird house.
  2. getting more swiftlet to come to your bird house.
  3. getting more more swiftlet to come to your bird house.

He then reply " I also know lah but how?"
The main thing of getting the swiftlet to come and enter and stay inside and build their nest inside our birdhouse.

  • Using the bird call sound to attract those wild swiftlet to come inside the bird house.
  • Using Aroma . can be inside , near nesting plank or some at entrance hole.
  • Using Fake nest. Can be Paper made, ready made, or styrofoam ( not prefer-)
  • Some other optional are running water inside and insect  at the entrance hole or roving area.
  • Build a VIP room ect.....
Playing the sound (external sound, pulling sound, internal sound, colony sound ) to attract the birds.
What type of sound and when we play it.
Internal Sound : 
setting A) only baby bird sound to be play 24hours.
setting B) Mix of baby bird and young bird to be play 24hours.
setting C) spot colony sound, spread baby bird sound, spot external sound.
setting D) .......

External Sound :
setting A) only external sound mix with some baby bird sound and adult bird and mating sound.
setting B) Hexagonal or bazooka speaker attracting far distance bird, surrounding colony sound, 2 speaker playing internal sound at the entrance hole, 4 high efficient speaker playing attract sound at entrance hole.
setting C) ......

external sound should be play from early morning when the bird are ready to fly out from the bird house and searching for food(5am - 9am). And stop when all the bird are returning home(5pm - 9pm), the time will varies by the season and location and country, estimate an hour after sky getting dark. some people prefer play extra hour as long as not disturbing your neighbours and getting complain.

what type of external sound on what season of the year.
1) mating sound
2) female sound calling for mating.
3) nesting sound.
4) feeding sound.

According to info, the best time to attract swiftlet are at the rainy season and dry season. Which falls at the end of year normally will start raining until round february  and dry season at middle of year start from Jun to August. This is because of available in lot of foods (insect) for the bird trigger by rain, normally by this season we will see a lot of flies insect at those street light at night. The swiftlet will start reproduction process where they have enough of food to supplies for the body to process salivary for building the nest. According to info: the base of the nest are build by male swiftlet and the top and outer round shape are build by female swiftlet.

This are all just some reference , may not be accurate in application as we all know our earth are getting sick and the climate had changed, global warming, pollution , temperature changes had resulting the whole process in the swiftlet world to changes as well dramatically as I received a lot of unexplainable fenomenon which happen around us. One of them are all swiftlet are seem to be disappear back few month and the laying egg process had getting delay. I had received a lot of question asking my opinion of why their bird are getting less in number, they dont see that much bird anymore comparing last year.

The best way to overcome this nature changes are by carefully observing the birds behavior, the surrounding and make any necessary change if there a need.

Monitoring and control the temperature and humidity of the bird house to where its best suite for the swiftlet nature habitat. By using temperature and humid logger and hygro temp gadget and humidifier machine.

Keep the predator away such as owl, ant, cockroach, rats and gecko. By applying those insect powder(economy way-made in china) or buying those expensive liquid insect killer. But never the bygond or reedsect which smell so awful and until your birds run away.

How about its Mr Tan, there is more.....